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jon: they need some ovel-ready projects over there, don't they? jenna: i think that's part of the problem. thanks for joining us, everyryryryryryryryry jenna. in the meantime, check this out. this is a fox news alert on the deadly dome of heat out there that united states america, can you believe this? it is also threatening the nation's power grid. welcome to "america live" today, i'm martha maccallum on this hot day in for megyn kelly. 141 million americans are in this dome, folks. it covers more than two dozen states. sweaty, miserable, just trying to stay cool out there at this hour. 33 states are under serious heat watches and warnings. the sweltering weather quickly starting to spread east. her folks, power companies are urging people to turn down your
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air-conditioning to just the amount that you really need with concerns that overuse may put a significant stress on the nation's power grid. the unbearable heat has also claimed lives, we are now learning, at least 22 deaths are being attributed to the heat. the east coast can is now bracing for record heat here as well. philadelphia may break a 1957 record of 100 degrees, and d.c. may break, may tie the record of 103, that one was set back in 1926. let's go to trace gallagher who is out in sunny los angeles at this hour. hi, trace. >> reporter: hi, martha. i've got to tell you, even the experts are very surprised at how enormous this heat wave is and how long it's lasted. you touched on the major concern being the power grids being drained in the many of those states across the country, but some of the other major side effects, and they are serious. take a look at some of these pictures. these are roads in louisiana, but the same thing is happening in almost all of the heat-affected states.
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the heat is so extensive and can the rain is so few, days of rain, that the ground dries up, and it cracks. what happens is the road actually buckles or explodes, as they say, which leads to those big, major potholes. that causes traffic jams, it also leads to city budgets being drained because of the work crews. it's not just the roads. you look at some of the homes. again, the ground dries up, no rain to moisten it, and what happens is it cracks. and when the ground cracks, your home settles. when your home settles, the foundation -- as you can see there -- cracks. it is a major, major concern. listen to this. >> we're just noticing them all over the outside of our house. i am worried. um, i don't know what to do, i mean, do i ke my hose on or my sprinkler on? >> reporter: when the temperatus stay in the 90s for extended period of times, the -- periods of time, the problem for farmers is trying to keep their animals and plants
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cool, and it's almost impossible, so you have many animals that are dying. that leads to rising food prices. listen to one farmer. >> those birds were full size, current goes off, i've got less than five minutes to get fans running. and if it fries something in the house, you could lose 25-40% of your chickens. and after you've put all the feed, all the time, effort and labor and lose them all, it's just like me walking in thursday and taking your paycheck away. >> reporter: many of those farms are losing power very quickly. and speaking, by the way, of keeping animals cool, it's a bear. look. >> there's a bear. a black bear. i cannot believe it. it's in our yard. oh, my god, i've got to call the police. >> reporter: call the police, all right, that's 100-pound black bear whetting its whistle. that's north caldwell, new
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jersey, didn't go swimming, by the way, just a sip and it skedaddled off out to the woods. >> reporter: typical day in jersey, i can attest to that. little known fact. trace, thank you. >> reporter: kind of fun moment but, yeah, really very serious. martha: trace, thank you so much. as we continue to keep an eye across the country, if you want to know how hot it is in your town, it's now easier than ever to, basically, take us with you. log on to, and you can find out how to stay connected with any mobile device. you'll get the fox news alerts as they come in, stream live video from the shows, watch the latest clips from all of your favorite fox news channel programs, and you've got it with you on the go, all the time. all right. we've got some new jobs numbers out today, and believe it or not the employment picture has actually grown worse. 418,000 americans applied for unemployment benefits for the first time last week.
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that is up 10,000 from the week before, and applications are now topping 400,000 for 15 straight weeks. and that shows little change in the sluggish economy. we wish we had better news for you this morning, folks. fox business network's stuart varney joining us with analysis on this number. not good, stuart. >> reporter: no, not good at all. we've been sidetracked by the debt drama -- martha: yeah, that's true. >> reporter: these bad jobs numbers are staring us in the face. but you've just given the numbers for new claims on unemployment benefits. along that with is a report in "the wall street journal" that shows that private sector layoffs are at the worst level in a year. now think of it, that's the private sector of the economy, that's a very big chunk of america's economy, and the number of people being laid off, good-bye, is at a high for the past 12 months. that is not what you're supposed to be saying in a recovery. now, you couple that with these new jobless claims, and you
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throw in the wave of public sector layoffs that are coming this summer, we've lost 140,000 state worker jobs so far this year, maybe another couple of hundred thousand to come, and you've got a very grim employment picture when you should not have a grim employment picture. now, if you follow this through, you just go down the road a little bit, what does this mean? some it means that the debt, the deficit is actually going to get worse. if you've got a slow, weak economy, people are not employed, they're not paying taxes -- martha: tax dollars aren't coming in, exactly. >> reporter: so your deficit is as bad as it was and probably worse. that's point number one. number two, politically looks very bad for president obama going into the election year next year, period. we've sidetracked from this, we've allowed our attention to wander away from the jobs picture -- martha: it's a sad situation. you would feel at this point that the worst of the layoffs would be over. but there was another report out this morning that, you know, companies like cisco and borders
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books, you know, big name, big american corporate names say that they do plan to do new rounds of layoffs. >> reporter: yes. how about goldman sachs? goldman sachs, the greatest investment bank on the planet, 1,000 people. how about lockheed martin? martha: hang on, stuart, we're getting some breaking news we want to bring in. fox news has just heard standard & poor's will meet with u.s. first-term house republicans at 3:00 this afternoon. we can -- stuart, what do we know about that? >> reporter: that's very important. martha: huge information on our rating. >> that is very important. standard & poor's is a ratings company. they tell the world what's your financial standing. they have said recently that unless america gets its financial house in order, we will be downgraded, we will lose our aaa status. we are the gold standard of the world. if we don't get our house in order, it will be lowered. this meeting that's today will probably take the form of another warning. hey, you politicians, what have
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you got in mind? is it good enough? are the cuts big enough to get your house in order so we don't have to downgrade you? that's what that meeting's about. martha: and it may not be enough just to continue to raise the debt ceiling. they want to see it's going to reduce the deficit over time. >> reporter: precisely, martha. martha: good to see you as always, sir. we will stay on top of this breaking news, and the standard & poor's news is big, folks. we're going to get you that as soon as it comes across and that meeting gets under way. the fox news polling unit just asked america whether the obama administration is making the economy better or worse. the results and the debate over that is ten minutes from now, you don't want to miss that. all right. from the economy now to this mystery, a twist in the case of two bizarre, unsolved deaths at a millionaire's san diego mansion. the homeowner is a prominent pharmaceutical executive. the victims in this tragedy are his own son, 6-year-old little
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boy, who died days after taking a fall down the stairs in their house. and the executive's girlfriend, she's been with him for two years. her body was allegedly found naked and bound and hanging from a balcony. and now rebecca's sister says that suicide is out of the question. in her mind. adam houseley joins us live with the very latest from los angeles. this is a big development, adam. >> reporter: well, she's been saying it for a couple of days and a couple of her friends have as well, and now today is the first day she's put out a statement really putting it on paper, reiterating that her sister was absolutely not the type of person to do something like take her own life. the statement actually says in part, quote, obviously the investigation is not complete yet, but as far as -- oh, sorry. yeah, as far as i know about my sister, my sister did not commit a suicide. my sister was not depressed, my sister was planning to call my parents the next day and was
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planning to keep me posted about max the next day. max, of course, that's from mary zahau-loehner, the girlfriend of the ceo, who was found hanged inside that mansion last wednesday, two days after max -- that's who she was referring to in that statement -- the 6-year-old son of jonah had fallen down the stairs. he would eventually die of those injuries on sunday. we had a chance to talk to the san diego sheriff's department looking at the zahau death, the coronado police department is looking at max's death which they still have determined as being an accident. however, his autopsy will be coming back. when we talked to sergeant roy frank, we asked him, we said, you know, when someone is found hanging with their own arms, their own feet bound, that doesn't necessarily lead a lot of people to believe that they would take their own life, maybe something like a homicide. here's what he said. >> people are very creative
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whether it's working with homicide or in a suicide situation. they put a lot of thought into how they're going to do that if it's a suicide or vice versa. so, again, we always want to step back, and it may seem odd to anybody looking, looking in, but you really have to look at the facts. >> reporter: martha, they're telling us two things. one, everyone's cooperating at this hour, and also, they don't expect any kind of results until late next week or early the following week, so we may not hear anything from the sheriff's department for a good six, seven days. martha: thank you very much, adam houseley, in san diego. today was a big day, a sad day, an important day for nasa's shuttle program to be sure, and it has sparked new questions about what is next for america, for our country when we look outward to the frontiers in space. a former restaurant, tom jones, wrote beautifully about this today. he's going to join us in just a few minutes from now.
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you don't want to miss what he has to say about this. and forget seashells and sand crabs, look at this monster car cuts that -- carcass that washed up on one beach. what is that thing? we're going to investigate. and also police say, or he says, rather, that the police are on a witch hunt. the estranged husband of this missing mother of triplets claims that he has had nothing to do with his wife's disappearance. so why is he mocking the search efforts and not cooperating with the police? we're going to talk to jackie waller's mom and dad coming up here on "america live." >> clay waller here? anybody see clay waller? come on up here. tell everybody how bad you miss your wife, and you want her back again and everything. and, i mean, that's what i would do if my wife come up missing. so, um, i guess he's not here. my doctor told me calcium
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martha: well, it is an historic day today for the u.s. space travel and exploration program. the shuttle atlantis returned to earth following its very last mission. >> the preflare maneuver executed. [background sounds] nose gear touchdown. having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other, its place in history secured. the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time, its voyage at an end. >> mission deplete, houston -- complete, houston. after serving the world for over 30 years, the space shuttle has earned its place in history and come to a final stop. >> we'll take this opportunity to congratulate you, atlantis, as well as the thousands of
10:17 am
passionate individuals across this great space faring nation who truly empowered this incredible spacecraft which for three decades have inspired millions around the globe. job well done, america. >> thanks. great work. great words. you know, the space shuttle's changed the way we view the world, and it's changed the way we view our universe. a lot of emotion today, but one thing's indisputable, america's not going to stop exploring. thank you columbia, challenger, discovery, endeavour and our ship, atlantis. thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end. god bless all of you, and god bless the united states of america. martha: this great space-faring nation, it was a beautiful welcome back to those astronauts, and it marks the end of an era for nasa's program, to be sure, a program we all grew up with, and it raises a very big question: where does america go next, and when do we take
10:18 am
flight again? how do we continue this nation of exploration? tom jones, former nasa astronaut, spent a lot of time on those shuttles, and he joins me now. good to have you here. >> hello, martha. martha: hello there. you wrote a beautiful piece about this today, and in it you say when you worked on the international space station, it was supposed to be a beginning when it was completed that would then launch us to the outer reaches on a regular basis in this country. there's a picture of you. what do you think about that now? >> well, we can be heartened by the excellent, perfect mission that atlantis flew. those were wonderful words from chris ferguson and his cap-com at mission control. it expresses the feelings we all have of pride in the accomplishments of the space shuttle program. it was great to be a part of that, and it was a privilege to be able to fly on the shuttle. we're left looking towards a future that's very uncertain. there's the near-term goal of getting americans back to the
10:19 am
space station, of course, renting russian rockets in the near term. american rockets will fly in if about five years to replace the transport function of the shuttle, but what we're lacking is that vision, i think that leadership that will carry us beyond the space station, and i think we need a plan to get us moving again to take advantage of all this experience we've reap with the the space shuttle. martha: this administration has decided that it's not really practical to continue the way that we've been going. i want to show a poll to the folks at home that asks a question of people about who they more align themselves with, who had the right idea on importance of space exploration. 63% say president kennedy, 13% say president obama, and you couple that with the fact that china has now proclaimed, tom, that they will travel to the moon by 2020. >> it's worrisome to me that our country does not have ambitions in the space much beyond the space station in terms of the budgets that have been presented. yes, nasa has a plan to go to
10:20 am
nearby asteroids, they've been told by the president to get a deep spacecraft and a booster to get us there, and these are worthy targets. however, the budgets for the next five years don't show support for achieving those goals, and i get the feeling this can has been kicked down the road. what i wrote about today is we can show early, frequent milestones showing us on the way to an asteroid in reality. we need to send robot explorers to check out the surfaces, pave the way for humans. we should check out the moon for its resources, and that can be done in the next five years with robotic craft paving the way for astronauts. martha: we know you and be others will continue to push for that. tom jones, thank you so much for being with us today. it's an important moment in history and an end moment for so many of us in terms of our personal relationship growing up watching the amazing shuttle missions. thank you for being a part of that, and can thank you for your contribution to that program. >> hope we'll watch the future together. thanks. martha: tom jones' editorial is
10:21 am
on our opinion page, that's where you can find farewell to the space program; how does america soar again? i urge you to check it out, it's a very good piece. thank you, tom. all right, we will be right back, but first we want to replay today's message to the nation from atlantis shuttle commander chris ferguson. listen to this again. >> the space shuttle's changed the way we view the world, and it's changed the way we view our universe. a lot of emotion today but one thing's indisputable, america's not going to stop exploring. thank you columbia, challenger, discovery, endeavour and our ship, atlantis. thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end. god bless all of you, and god bless the united states of america. s, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes,
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martha: fox news alert on some campaign news just crossing the wire, the campaign manager for former utah governor jon huntsman, her name is susie wiels, and she is resigning. we are working to independently confirm this story. that report is coming in from "the washington post." we'll let you know what we get when we get it. all right. now let's go to the latest in the u.k. phone hacking investigation of news corp. international which is -- news international, i should say, which is owned by news corp., the parent company of fox news. greg talcott on this story for us today live from london. hi, greg. >> reporter: hey, martha. investigators continue to look at that phone hacking scandal amid new reports of a possibly broader scope to that probe. this comes after a week of dramatic testimony, we've heard from the chairman, chief executive of news corp., rupert murdoch, on tuesday, and yesterday in the house of commons, british prime minister david cameron was on the hot
10:26 am
seat. questions continue today about his dealings with news corp. executives. his government is sticking to the line there were no inappropriate discussions. also questions continue to be raised about cameron's hiring of andy coulson as his press chief. he was the editor of "the news of the world" newspaper at the time of the alleged phone hacking. he later left the cameron press post and was one of several people arrested for questioning in connection with this affair. all this as investigators reportedly are widening the net regarding possible media wrongdoing beyond "the news of the world" newspaper. police are said to be examining evidence of potentially criminal or at least unethical activities by private detectives at other newspapers as well including "the daily mail," "daily mirror." those two papers are denying wrongdoing. it's hard to say, martha, exactly where this affair is going to head, the only thing we can predict is a little bit less hot air on the topic for the
10:27 am
next couple of weeks. parliament now in summer recess here in london. back to you. martha: taking a break. all right, greg, thank you very much. this new jobs report that we got today shows that the new unemployment claims have now been above 400,000 for 15 straight weeks, and that raises the question of whether the obama administration is ultimately hurting or helping the u.s. economy. so that's the polling issue, and we're going to talk about those new numbers, we'll also debate that question coming up next right here on hive hive. and -- "america live". and this horrible story. three hikers swept screaming over a 300-foot waterfall to their deaths. this is an awful, awful tale. and tourists were watching off of this -- all of this play out at yosemite national park. brand new details on this story and what might have led to this horrible incident. that's coming up right after this, we'll be back with more. >> i saw the man's eyes as he was going over the waterfall, and that was devastating. and i saw two that were holding on to each other and one that
10:28 am
was alone floating through the current, and the reason why i looked was this woman was screaming and running along the edge of the water. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to s in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping.
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. martha: brand-new fox news opinion polls for you showing nearly half of all americans think that the obama administration is actually making the economy worse according to these numbers. this comes as new jobs numbers we saw this morning show that more americans applied for unemployment benefits this week,
10:32 am
new evidence that layoffs are rising and the job market is still very, very weak. let's bring in our panel to talk about this. leslie marshal, a syndicated talk show host and lar larson. these are not good numbers for the administration. >> there is no question these aren't good numbers. this doesn't mean that the economy is worse, it means that unemployment current here has a higher rate. historically companies tend to layoff in the summer months. that's been whether it is a good economy or bad economy. this doesn't make the economy bad or make it the president's fault. when we look at what the president has done, whether it's a bail out for g.m., and dow jones which has doubled in the past two years, economists, nonpartisan say that the economy is getting better. remember it's a slow climb, and lars, my love the tortoise did beat the hair. martha: lars, what say you. >> i can't believe that,
10:33 am
companies don't layoff in the summertime, they hire in the summertime. think about the industries that do. beyond that to say the economy isn't bad, it's just unemployment. unemployment is a measure of what is going on. the goods and services produced in this country. as for the stock market if you talk to your economist friends like i have they will tell you that a lot of the companies, god bless them are making a lot of money overseas, not here. which is why americans are not being hired, they are being laid off. the president does have a lot to do with it. he has created fear and you certainty among business owners. they are sitting on a lot of machine which the president loves to criticize. the reason they are doing it they don't know what is coming next, is it higher taxes? more regulations? the president himself is to blame directly for a lot of the bad things that have happened in the economy in the last year, tens of thousands of people laid off because the president banned oil drilling in the gulf, for example and the epa regulations that his administration are pushing that are killing business throughout this country
10:34 am
and sending the jobs overseas. martha: you know, when you look at some of these numbers, and you look at the fact, leslie and i think that the summer employment issue is kind of a tough one to sell, because you've got cisco, books and borders, not to mention nasa who is going to layoff 8,000 people in florida, it's the tough argument that the economy is improving. i think if you say that to people across the country who are losing their jobs they'll find it pretty tough to swallow. when election time comes around the numbers are going to be -- people are going to vote their pockets, and this is not -- i think to gloss over it and say that this is an improving economy, and boy we just better be patient, don't you think people are getting tired of hearing that? >> i don't disagree people are getting tired of hearing that, we are a very inch patient society. i'm one of the most impatient alive. we are in a better position economically. martha: what do you base that on? >> well i want to -- economists
10:35 am
and the numbers on wall street. the dow jones over the past two years. we are not in a recession. >> martha -- martha: as lars has pointed out there are a lot of reasons why corporations are doing better. one is that they are very lean, they have stopped hiring, they productive because they are very lean right now, that is not good for jobs, and we do see a lot of investment overseas. the fact is that the dow jones industrial -- everyone wants to see the dow goes up, that's good for everyone's 401k. where else do you see an economy that is improving? you have 21,000 jobs added to payrolls in two months, 21,000 jobs, that is a pathetic number, leslie. >> i don't disagree with the number. but when lars talks about the jobs that have been out sourced overseas this isn't something that just happened, this is something that happened prior to the stimulus and you know. >> it's continuing to happen, leslie.
10:36 am
>> in 2008 the unemployment rate because 7.6%. we were headed in this direction before the stimulus and before obama walked into the white house. yes he's president now, i'm not blaming bush, but this has been a historical cyclical event a spiral downward that does not have to do with just democrat or republican. martha: the question that is going to be on everyone's mind and i want lars to take this one, is the administration making the economy better, or is it making it worse, that is the question. >> no, they are making the worse, and i can give you the concrete examples. the regular lays that are curbing american business, the uncertainty about healthcare. obamacare is going to kill a lot of companies, they will be forced to pay a fine to the government or cover their employees at much higher costs, and the president somehow sold us a bill of goods that we could cover 40 million additional people for healthcare at no net cost to the economy. it didn't happen and it isn't happening. leslie, i can't imagine that you can tell me that raising taxes is going to be good for companies that are looking at their balance sheet saying, can
10:37 am
we afford to add people for subtract people if our costs are going to go up? martha: we've got to leave it there. leslie, and lars thank you very much. this is the central question we'll face over the next 15, 18 months about the administration, whether they are improving it or making it worse. we thank you for being here and weighing in on that. good to see you. all right. this is a horrible story, and we're learning some new information about these three hikers who died tragically during an american summertime ritual, really. they were visiting yosemite national park, an amazing beautiful place. they went to this landmark waterfall and were swept over this 300-foot drop. and the friends and family of these people are in mourning today. they are describing the friends as role models who normally did not take these kinds of risks. trace gallagher joins us with more background on the story for us. >> reporter: the eyewitness
10:38 am
accounts of this really are horrifying. we'll play you those in a bit. we are talking about the vernal fall in yosemite 317 feet high. keep in mind record snow pack in the sierras. i want you to watch and listen to how powerful this is. just turn this up for a second. [the sound of rushing water ] >> reporter: that is the water. a group of ten hikers go all the way to the top. three of those, a woman and two men ignored the warning sign, stepped over the guardrail, even ignored calls from their fellow hikers to come back. they were standing on a rock-like you see there in the middle of that flowing water, and the woman slipped and fell. one of the men tried to save her, he slipped and fell. the third man tried to save them both, they were all in the water in seconds, just 25 feet from the edge you see right there of the waterfall, and they went over. listen. >> i saw the man's eyes as he was going over the waterfall, and that was devastating.
10:39 am
>> i couldn't process why they were in the water when i first saw it, you know, because the current was moving so fast. >> and i saw two that were holding onto each other and one that was alone floating through the current, and the reason why i looked is this woman was screaming and running along the edge of the water. >> reporter: the woman skraoeplg, thosscreaming, thosed friends of the two you heard going over the falls. here is the park ranger talking about the danger. >> the river that is below vernal falls, a very, very rough portion of the river. there are large boulders, a lot of water flowing through there. >> reporter: as she said right there all the water going through there, that water, by the way, down below really is treacherous, filled with rocks. they still, by the way, martha, have not located any of the three bodies, still searching. martha: awful, awful story, and people need to obviously take those signs very seriously in
10:40 am
those parks. it is a terrible -- terribly sad story, trace, thank you very much for telling us more about that. coming up we have this story for you about an animal attack that was caught on tape. wait until you see this cat in action. eleven people were mauled in this. we are going to show you the desperate struggle to stop the carnage. that is coming up, look at the force of that arm wrapped around that man. it's an unbelievable story that is coming up. also up next, this beautiful mom of three adorable triplets has now been gone for six weeks. after the break i will speak with her parents about the reports that their son-in-law has been openly mocking, flipping the bird, according to our guest yesterday, at those who are out searching for her. we'll be right back. >> it means so much, it really -- it means so much to know how many lives that she's touched, and people that love
10:41 am
her. >> from two or three hours after we found out about it we didn't think she was okay. i hope i'm proved wrong. i would give ten years of my life to be wrong, but i don't think i am. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources
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within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. martha: a missouri man has been named a person of interest in his estranged wife's disappearance. he now says that he believes the police are just on a witch hunt in this case, that's a picture of his wife, she is 39-year-old jackie sue waller, the mother of five-year-old triplets, and she vanished on june the 1st after having a fight with her soon to be ex-husband. clay waller, there he is pictured, is a former police officer. he's not cooperating with the authorities in this case according to them, and a friend of jackies who spoke with us yesterday told us that while people are out searching clay waller drives past the
10:45 am
volunteers and flips them the bird out the window and laughs at them, and mocks them. very strange behavior in any case, right? my guests now are stan arruby rosen, the parents of jackie sue waller. stan and ruby, i know this is a very hard time for you, you're taking care of the kids and trying to hold everything together. we thank you for being with us today. welcome. >> thank you, martha. martha: talk to me a little bit about your reaction to that when you heard your friend say that, that he drives by and laughs at them, the volunteers out there looking for jack see, what is going on with that? >> well, he has got a lot a nerve i'd say. he's not acting at all like somebody whose wife come up missing. this could be evidenced by no less person than members of the jackson police department. he said he flipped him off too. martha: you think that there is
10:46 am
every reason to implicate him in this case, is that right? >> we know he done it. >> absolutely. >> no doubt about it. martha: where does it stand now? they say he's a person of interest. he's obviously traveling around freely. are you afraid that he might flee, you know, how is this moving forward in terms of the investigation? >> they've got him. all they need is her body. they want to find her. martha: you know, i can't -- ruby, talk to me a little bit about what this is like. i mean this is the kind of thing, we see it on television, you hear about these stories, what is it like when it's happening in your own life, and how are you holding together, the children, you know, what is it like? >> it's a nightmare that never ends. i don't know how we are holding together. we have a strong church family that helps us, prays for us, but it's just getting tougher and tougher, because the kids ask so
10:47 am
many questions that we don't have answers for. they want to know where their mommy is. i don't know where she is. i'd like to be able to tell them where she is. they've come up with stories that maybe she went camping, maybe -- the last time that they knew she went to work and didn't come home. maybe her boss won't let her leave. of course they've decided maybe she is in heaven. they just don't know. >> martha, let me show you something, okay? martha: please. >> a couple nights ago, avery, the little blond triplet, she was over our house, all three of them was, and they was doing their kid things, and avery kind of disappeared for a few minutes, she come back and said she wanted a stamp, and, you know, we are giving them anything they want now, and so ruby gave her a stamp, and she came back and handed me this right here. martha: what does it say on
10:48 am
there? >> this is an envelope, it says jackie waller in her little handwriting, and there is a little heart up here in the top, and she said, grandpa, i want you to give this to mommy. and i said, i would, honey, but i don't know exactly where mommy is at. she said, oh, she is in heaven. like next door. i said avery, i will give it to your mom the first chance i get. some day i will hand it to her. martha: oh, i'm so sorry, sir this is so hard for all of you. >> it rips you up. martha: i can't imagine, you know. this is your daughter, and she is missing, and it must be so incredibly frustrating for you wanting to get more information from the police and about where she is. i want to play for you a sound byte that is from a little while ago from clay waller. and i just want too get your reaction to this. listen to it now for us, sir. >> you can't change o how people
10:49 am
feel. there are a lot of emotions that are running high right now. we just -- i just don't know what to say yet. i'm not sure, to be honest with you. we just -- we're all just sad. it's just sad on both sides of the fence here. martha: he says it's just sad, he doesn't know what to think yet. what's your reaction? >> well you just heard from the one guy that knows exactly where she's at and could get her home if he wanted to. no doubt about it, martha. there is a ton of evidence against him, and he threatened her for a year, and, i mean, he told everybody except me, or she told everybody except me. she kept a diary, daily diary on her company computer and showed it to the secretaries and the
10:50 am
girls around her every day. martha: they found your daughter's car, you know, what do you think -- how do you think her car got there? what is your theory, as her dad about what might have happened here? >> well, it's a pretty good theory, that's all it is, because i wasn't there, naturally. i think that he done her in, then took her and put her wherever he put her, then he came back to the house. he had to get rid of the car. and i think he drove it over on i55 there at the 105-mile marker, and parked it, got out, locked it up, stuck a hole in the tire with a knife, which has been verified, and got his bicycle out of the back of the car and took off and went home. it's only three miles. martha: stan and ruby we thank you for being with us. we promise you we'll stay on top
10:51 am
of this story and we appreciate your time and we hope they find your daughter very, very soon. thank you very much to both of you, hang in there. >> thank you, martha, we appreciate it. martha: we will take a quick break and we will be back with more. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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10:54 am
martha: new reaction now to the ugly war of words that is going on between two house members from florida. you've got dnc chair and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz on one side versus her tea party-backed colleague allen west on the other. it all started when wasserman schultz called out west on the house floor saying that he voted to cut medicare. he in return wrote an email to her saying, quote, you are the most vial, unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives. and now west is speaking out on this controversy. he will be with us on that topic
10:55 am
and more coming up what he thinks about apologizing, his thoughts on the debt crisis as well, all of that is five minutes away. you don't want to miss that. how about this a summertime stroll on the beach, and suddenly you come across a gruesome discovery, a couple stumbled on this. what the heck is that thing? trace gallagher, who better to ask than trace gallagher, he's live in los angeles with more on this. sir. >> reporter: by the way it happened in scotland which is the land of the loch ness monster. the couple stumbled on this 30-foot carcass. you can see the tail, the teeth the head of this thing, there it is right there. now the natural history museum thinks it could be carcass of a long-finned pilot whale. do you buy that? let's put them side-by-side, you can judge for yourself. a long-finned pilot whale
10:56 am
side-by-side. that's what they are saying this is. another marine biologist says that's not what it is, this is a killer whale. you buy that? here they are side-by-side. the killer whale and the unknown carcass on the left, i don't know, martha, these are just guesses by these people, nothing yet has been confirmed. but boy it looks almost prehistoric to me. when we find out exactly what it is we'll bring it to you. martha: looks more like a crocodile than either one of those whales to me. trace, thank you very much. we'll have more on that coming up, i promise. a new and humerus take on washington's big penned spending, take a look. >> i was in con i can pain and my family struggling to make ends meet, food and gas prices going up, even keeping my job was iffy. then i learned about a new miracle drug made in washington d.c., spenditol. martha: we are going to play the
10:57 am
whole thing. a leopard goes on a rampage terrorizing a small village. the unbelievable video of this is coming up right after this quick break on "america live." we'll be right back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help ler a1c.
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glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf ubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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11:00 am
martha: we are awaiting a meeting that could determine the future of america's stability. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. standard and poor's wants to have a meeting with the folks in that building. specifically the freshmen republicans in the house where they will discuss the status of these negotiations and reaching a deal to reduce debt in the nation's capital. the sitdown could have a huge impact on uncle sam's credit score which is so important to the viability of america and it could affect every american who pays interest on anything.
11:01 am
hay, doug. >> reporter: this is a remark and turn of events that standard and poor's, the worldwide credit agency. they are going to be meeting with house republican freshmen at 3:00 this afternoon. it's the tea party-backed freshmen who have been sceptical of the significance of that august 2 deadline. they said the u.s. will continue to pay its bills and the social security checks what go out and the military could be funded if that deadline were not met. standard and poor's will likely tell them otherwise. if you run up your credit card and you are unable to pay your credit card bills if you ask for a new one in all likelihood you
11:02 am
will be paying higher interest rates. john boehner told reporters that if the u.s. default, every interest rate will go up. that said, republicans in both houses continue to push for cut, cap and balance. listen to senator fall coburn just a little while ago. >> i'm a co-sponsor of this bill. iting the only bill that has come out of the house that has passed the house and will raise the debt limit. it's the only one that has a chance of meeting the august 2 deadline. >> senator jim demint urging democrats to bring cut, cap and balance to a vote. here is demint. >> they can control the floor and control the debate and add amendments as they will. we want that debate. we want americans to see what we are for and what they are for. no more empty rhetoric. we have a bill, we have a solution. it many the only one that can be passed before the august 2
11:03 am
deadline. >> what are the chaj chances of the democratic leadership bringing cuts, cap and balance to vote in listen to kent conrad. >> i consider some of the most ill considered leg laying that i have ever seen come over from the other body. this legislation has been hastily thrown together. >> if no deal is struck and if interest rates go up, the significant thing about this is it those all the baseline numbers the house has been working with. the senate has been working with off. those all the scoring off that has been done to date. it is a le soon that standard and poor's will likely try to give part to house republican freshmen when they meet a little less than an hour from now. martha: the sheer size of this heaping debt pile of course is enormous. uncle sam has run a deficit for
11:04 am
nearly every year since 1970 with the exception of four years. we spent more than we have taken in for 69 of the past 80 years. can you imagine if you lferred like that at your house. our combined federal deficit larger than the combined deficits for the 16 years before that. so today our debt is increasing more in one week than what the government took in from 1850-1917 total. it is now equal to the combined economies of china and japan. think about this, folks. the debt increased by 85% in 8 years under president bush and so far it is up 35% in less than 3 years under that the backdrop for this conversation. house republicans standing by their plan to cut cap and balance.
11:05 am
they want that bill as this debt crisis intensifies. the measure would seek to make deep budget cuts to cap spending as a measure of pore torsion to gdp and to pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. that's the tallest order of the three. but earlier this week the bill touched off an epic battle between the economy he chairwoman. debbie wasserman shultz attacked allen west for supporting cuts, cap and balance, claiming is betrayed seniors in his district. listen to this. >> president obama has vowed to veto this bill by ends the medicare guarantee and the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of medicare been fisheries as do i is supportive of this plan that would increase costs to medicare beneficiaries, unbelievable for a member from south florida.
11:06 am
martha: west responded with an email that has gotten lot of attention. he said if you have something to say to me stop being a coward and say it to my face. otherwise, shuts the heck up. since then this public feud has embroiled numerous lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. joining us is congressman allen west. it's been a busy week for you, mr. west. we welcome you here today. it's my experience that when something like this bubbles up between two people there is a bit of history behind it. what can you share with us about what led to her calling you basically names on the house floor and then to you calling her names in this email that has gotten lots of attention. >> one thing you have to understand about the dnc chair. there is a history here. it goes back to the fact doing the campaign as a candidate, the
11:07 am
florida democratic party sent out a mail piece that included my social security number, my wife's employment identification number. nothing was says about that. no one apologized. many of the south florida liberals were part of that. when you have add in october 2010 when the dnc chairwoman ordered a protest outside of my campaign headquarters to portray me and say i hated women. there has been a pattern much this has the continued on. there are two things i have to make sure of. number one, i have to protect my personal honor as well as the honor of this nation. that's why i'm up here to do that. but there comes a point where i have to stands and defend myself. i can be correct in my language, but so be it. the people back in our district know about this history, they know about these attacks and enough is enough. martha: you received you would not apologize. is there any parts of your statement you want to take back here today?
11:08 am
>> not a chance. martha: saying she's not a lady and telling her to shut the heck up, you would be okay with that language if you said it again tomorrow. >> like i said, i think the dnc chair knows there is an ugly history she is the one promoting. the folks back in my district have known i have been quite patient. i have taken a lot of this. now it's time for the sake of my personal honor, my family and as representsive here i have to make a stands. i stand by what i said. she was the one who publicly released it out to the media. i had no even tension of that happening. martha: i heard her say something else on another nets work. she said she wasn't surprised that you cracked under the pressure. i think is the way she said. she is not surprised that you cracked. any response to that? >> i find that pretty hilarious. a 22-year army combat vets ran, desert storm, iraq, afghanistan,
11:09 am
i have been rewarded for haver r in combat. we are starnldsing on principle. martha: i want to get you -- i t to get your reaction to think bigger story. standard and poor's will be visiting capitol hill. will you be at that meeting? and what would you convey to them if you were. >> it many at 3:00. i'm what veteran and many south floridians are veterans so i want to make sure i attend that meeting. but then i'll get to the s & p meeting. it's important we know that s & p and moody's said not just the debt ceiling. but if we don't have a viable economic plan that rectifies this spending we may still see
11:10 am
that credit rating lowered. so when you look at what we did with cuts, cap and balance, we address raising the debt limit. we said that's not a problem. but we have to contend with a debt to gdp ratio of 70%. that is what cut, cap and balance tackles. that's what the american people want to see. the senate democrats who have not passed a budget in 812 days are losing their credibility in this discussion. martha: how dedicated is your group in the house to standing by cut, cap and balance and trying to see if they can get it somewhere in the senate which everybody seems to think is not possible. you sort of have been asked to dismiss this idea that passed in the house and move on to something that may be more negotiable. are you up for that? >> i'm up for any reasonable plan and idea. but once again i come back to the fact. 812 days the senate democrats
11:11 am
have not produced a budget. so why should i trust them as a credible voice when they have proven they are not fiscally sound and they do not have any concern about the debt and deficit problem we see in this country. i think they should pass the plan we send over that passed with 234 members, by part sarch cut, cap and balance. there is nothing else they have and nothing the president has offered as well. martha: you are right that s & p wants to see more. they want it proven to them there are substantial changes in the way that budget works in this country. thank you very much for being here today. this heat is really at a point where it's dangerous for a lot of folks out there. it is moving eastward across the united states of america. more than 100 million people are in what's now being called the heat dome. over this country. the power system is showing some strains as a result.
11:12 am
we are going to give an update on that important story coming up. plus incredible pictures you have got to see of this cat in action. it terrorized a village of people. the live report and how they handled this coming up. plus the mystery deepens at a california mansion where the body of this woman was found hanging from a balcony days after a young boy suffers what would then become a fatal fall. we'll talk to a private investigator as to the clues he seize as to what happened in that house. >> adam told the responding officers he found her with a rope around her neck and flank a balcony. the victim's hands and feet were bounds and she was completely nude. while i was away e-trade's techno-magic -- thanks martha -- triggered my stop loss orders... saved me a pantload. [ crying ] oh great.
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martha: a test cheating scandal
11:16 am
out of atlanta. one that just cost 7 public school employees, including the principal, their jobs. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom. >> reporter: 178 educators have been given an ultimatum. either you quick or you are fired. 7 have stepped down. two resigned and the other five took retirement. the status of the other 171 is unclear. but the superintendent says termination proceedings will begin very soon. all of these educators confessed or her implicated in this cheating can today falsifying standardized test results in atlanta to raise the district test scores. many of them erased the wrong answers and put down the right answers. 46 schools were guilty of this allegedly. many of the educators are
11:17 am
tenured. so if they fight this it might not be that easy to get them out. many of them can stay until the fight is over and they will receive full pay. 171 educators have been asked to step down we have some new details in this growing mystery at a california mansion after two people died there within days of each other. a powerful pharmaceutical ceo owns this mansion. this girlfriend and now sadly his young son are dead. now he's hired a p.r. firm to represent him during this crisis in this family. his girlfriend's relatives say they do not think she would have committed suicide. she was found tied up and hanging naked from the second floor from the balcony, and that
11:18 am
came about just days after this 6-year-old boy fell down a flight of stairs. the early reports said she was watching him at the time. he later died from those injuries. and they are sorting out all of the crazy and bizarre facts in this tragic case. gill, welcome, good to have you here. this is a crazy story. where does this go and what can you tell about the way they are going about it? >> a crazy story. they assigned 15 detectives to this case. what do we have? we have somebody that hung themselves or she was murdered. they are waiting for the forensic evidence. taking dna from the cords she tide herself from or anybody else who could have done this to her. you have two deaths. and she was watching the kid at the time when he fell down the
11:19 am
stairs. and supposedly i don't know if you saw the stairs, they were carpeted. and i'm not sure if somebody else was in the house at the time. that's suspicious. she hangs herself or somebody did this to her. the motive -- you have to check on the motive and what was her life right before this and what was his life right before this. >> i would think when they do forensics in this case on her that it would be fairly easy to determine whether she did this to herself, would it not? >> i don't think so. martha: the way that the she was tied up in those cords whether she would have have been capable of doing that to herself. or whether someone else did that to her. >> how do you tie your hands and feet.
11:20 am
what was in her system? you could find some saliva. martha: they will know whether she was dead before it happened. >> who was in the house, that is an excusive area. really what is the motive and if somebody did commit suicide like that can you imagine how nude and hanging yourself in the middle of no place? they had to have a reason and a lot of hatred for that. they have to do a background investigation. martha: you have got 15 detectives. if they thought this was a cut and dry suicide they wouldn't have that many people on it. he has a p.r. executive working on it for him as well. thank you. good to get his input on this. let's move on to this. we are all living right now most of us in what's called a heat dome.
11:21 am
tack on 10 degree to where you are and that's what it feels like. it's hot out there and we are sitting at the center of the dome. why it's likely to get worse before it gets better and the danger and power southages that could be on the way. that's serious stuff. how about this. a big cat on the attack and the entire incident is caught on tape. look as the this arm wrapped around that man. you will see the rest of this incredible video right after this. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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11:25 am
martha: the senate debating a tea party-backed plan to solve the debt pry is. it would include a balanced budget for the u.s. constitutional amendment. also nasa's last space shuttle now back in the hangar. atlantis landed mark an end to nasa's 30-year program. bittersweet moment. there is a new law in los angeles that bans harassment of bicyclists. it allows victims to file civil suits without waiting for the city to press charges. drivers throw objects and shout insults to run them off the road. that's not very nice. as promised, here is the stray leopard caught on tape mauling 11 people in a fierce showdown.
11:26 am
this happened in india. the big cat lunging at locals and fort officials as they tried to drag him into a wildlife sanctuary. >> reporter: this is an adult male leopard. what happened is apparently these leopards have been known to stray into these villages looking for food. this leopard -- some of these pictures are kinds of graphic. this leopard was staring down the villagers for a short time. they were trying to herd this thing back into the wildlife sanctuary and the leopard attacked. the leopard lept at the villagers over the wall. they were using stones and knives and batons to beat back the cat. but the leopard just kept strike. 11 different villagers were clawed. finally someone -- you can hear the shots, someone shot the
11:27 am
leopard with a tranquilizer gun. the cat died shortly thereafter from the knife wounds. look -- that's's amazing. you can see the cat, the left hand paw, there is blood right there. this man was mauled very badly. again the adult leopard that died. they are protected in india. this one clearly was life-threatening. amazing pictures out of bengal trying to get this back into a wildlife sanctuary. martha: by now, you probably heard that it is plenty hot outside. and it's not going anywhere. have you ever seen a map that looks like this? look at these numbers. what you haven't heard is what may be happening next. it's 110 in washington. next the may start to go if we had a strain on the grid across 2/3 of this country.
11:28 am
so we'll be watching that situation closely. life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. but what happens when the lemons are a accumulation of cops shutting down this -- -- are a couple of cops shutting down this stand. is the average joe laughing? frank luntz take's america's pulse on an ad you have got to see. w [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher,
11:29 am
and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for.
11:30 am
with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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11:32 am
martha: if congress decides on borrowing $2.7 trillion, brand-new poll numbers show americans are overwhelmingly against raising the debt ceiling or allowing uncle sam to borrow any more money. 60% of registered voters say they are actually opposed to raising the debt ceiling at all. 60%. but at the same time most say they would rather raise the debt limit than default on our debt. so that's where it gets tricky. pollster frank luntz joins me now. frank, welcome, good to see you.
11:33 am
the first one you have is pretty funny. >> reporter: it's getting nastier and more negative. one group decided let's rights amusing approach. they took an ad for a product that dates back 30 years and created this execution. >> i was in chronic pain and my family struggling to make ends meet with gas prices going up, even keeping my job wasn't easy. i didn't know where to turn. then i learned about a new miracle drug made in washington, d.c. spend-it-all. it's america's answer to the problem americans face. how to borrow a stimulus. how to finance a healthcare bill americans didn't wants. spenditall. >> a mountain of government debt
11:34 am
within a realization we'll leave our kids a lesser america than we were given. ask if your conscience is strong enough for spenditall. >> we have to borrow trillions from china. makes you feel better now and pushes off the really bad stuff until later for them to deal with. >> call the white house and congress tell them to stop spending its all. what is your make on how people felt about this on the dials? at one point they were a little confused. >> reporter: they were. but the democratic line stayed above the republican line the entire time. the woman was so perky and friendly but you knew what she was talking about. when they figured it out about 30 seconds into the ad, the democrats still stayed above the
11:35 am
republicans. there is a message there, martha. the advertising people who can figure out how to deliver a tough message in an amusing ironic way, those are the successful ad. martha: it's funny at the end. but the green line stays higher as she says we'll get all this money from china and solve all our problems. i will be curious to hear about the reaction as that gets into the mainstream. you have got another one you want to show us. >> reporter: this takes on the republicans for trying to repeal obama-care. the's take a look. >> members of congress know their health insurance plan can't deny coverage for their kids. congressmen can rest assured their insurance plan won't drop their families if they get sick. the affordable care act gave your family the same health
11:36 am
protections members of congress gets. but republicans wants to take that protection away from your family. they want to put insurance companies back in charge. call congress, tell them you deserve the same health insurance protections they get. tell them, don't repeal the affordable care act. martha: the music and the me lotic voice in the back -- in the background. >> reporter: the fact that congress has this -- the right to protected healthcare. the public resents that and they want the ability to have the same healthcare congress does. sorry about the voice. but what is interesting is the execution of the ad isn't effective because the opening is so negative that it causes people to turn away. it's a soft and gentle ad. but there is a message here. you have got to get people to watch beyond first 7 or 8 seconds. the way to do that is to be
11:37 am
embracing and encompassing and positive. you go negative in the back half of the ad, not the first half. martha: frank, thank you very much. rest your voice. they are grade ads, very telling. frank luntz, always good to see you. let's get to this weather situation. it is dangerous. really. they are calling it a heat dome that has set down over a huge portion of the country hitting the midwest and across the east coast as well. it's affecting more than 100 million americans. according to the national weather service the heat may be responsible for more than 20 deaths so far. from chicago to st. louis * to new york to wash it feels like more than 100 degree outside. take a look at that heat index. 110 in washington, d.c. rick reichmuth joins me with an
11:38 am
update. >> reporter: heat-related illnesses are real and we always see fatalities when you get this kind of a heat wave and it's so rough. take a look at the temperatures. they look hot, but not that bad. the real story is the humidity that is attached to this heat this time. this is what it feels like. if you go outside there is no relief because it's so muggy everywhere. 110 in st. louis, 110 in d.c. down to the south not as bad. but this is going to be with us for a while. there aren't going to be any major changes. we'll see relief for a few places to the north. but it will be temporary. here is today's actual air temperatures. you see lots of hundreds from oklahoma, tomorrow the worst of it, the highest temperatures, air temperatures, humidity will make it feel like 115 for some people. but saturday colors go back up across the plains. the heat begins to build in the
11:39 am
midwest. sunday a bit of a break. part of it goes east and parts of it sinks in toward the central plains. if you are down across parts of the south. in the northeast we are complaining we are here and it's hot. but if you are in places like kansas and oklahoma and texas you have been dealing with temperatures above average forever of the last eight week getting no break. the drought is there and it doesn't look like there is any relief coming. martha: thank you very much for that. as the sizzling temperatures go all across the east coast, go to to track the dangerous deadly heat. you can get up-to-the-minute weather specifics for your hometown at all right. the mayor of london making a pretty big deal over something that president obama did on his visit. now the u.s. is getting hit with fines for it. what's going on there?
11:40 am
we'll tell you what that's about. it is a summer tradition for kid across the country. there is lydia's lemonade stand. this summer they were shut down by the police. >> i'm sad we probably won't be able to do it any more. >> when you are 9 and someone telling you you canadian, you are not happy. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
11:41 am
i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:44 am
so congress can move on to focusing sons jobs crisis. we saw some tough numbers on that. applications for jobless benefits rows unexpectedly last week indicating the job market is weak. layoffs are on the rise. 418,000 people filed for unemployment last week. 10,000 more than the previous week and that number topped $400,000 for 15 straight week. and the president says he wants to get back to that business. we may be get something where with this debt crisis. stay tuned, breaking news is coming on that front. we'll keep you posted on that. on to this also important story. when life gives you lemons you are supposed to make lemonade. that's what they say and that's what happened. but what about when your lemonade stand gets shut down by the mean ole police. it happened to some kids in wisconsin. >> reporter: it's a summer
11:45 am
tradition especially for these neighbors. >> the kids have been setting up for 6, 7 years now. >> reporter: they sell lemonade and cookies every year near their house during apple ton's car show. >> reporter: because of a new city ordinance she could no longer sell her lemonade and her neighbor couldn't sell her cookies. >> when you are 9 and somebody tells you you can't. you are not happy. that's the part that's disheartening. >> i'm sad we probably one be able to do it anymore. reporter: the city council passed an ordinance preventing vendors from selling products within a 2-block radius of events. the officer trying to see if the department would make an exception but was told they had to follow the ordinance. >> i had 20-some odd jafers
11:46 am
lemonade in my refrigerator we made the decision along with our neighbors that we would just give them away free today. >> my son went over there and saw that this happened, he chewed me out because this is happening. the congressman said he had no idea the order difficult nance would affect people like lydia. >> it's not against little girls setting up cookie and lemonade stands. but the overall intent of the ordinance was to protect the vendors at the events. >> reporter: he says this reper kug was an oversight and it need to be changed. meanwhile they aren't letting the circumstances gets them down. >> when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. >> reporter: many patrons were sympathetic. while the treats were free, nothing stops them from offering
11:47 am
tips. >> we have an update. the police apologized to the girls and their parents saying there was a misunderstanding. turns out it doesn't exactly apply to lemonade stands run by children. so lydia and her mom took it all in stride. >> he told us -- >> i'm absolutely positive and i have always been positive there is no malice or ill intent with it. martha: the police say they will not allow this to happen again. all the officers will be trained how to properly enforce that ordinance. of course, she wants to be near the car show. she has a prime location for selling lemonade for people coming in and out of the car show. that's how you are supposed to do that stuff. right now we are working on another very big deal, and this one is a little bit tougher to solve. it's the debt crisis. but we are getting new information on all of this.
11:48 am
there may and story breaking on this front in capitol hill and also the news that s & p, the men in suits want to speak the house republicans. what do you have in mind, ladies and gentlemen. the outcome could affect interest payments for millions of americans. plus we have a special treat for you. john stossel will be here and he will talk about why you should question many of the thing that you have been told you should believe, including him. >> he's nothing but a hack. this ad has been approved by the mainstream media.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
martha: a traffic ticket connected to our commander-in-chief. a mayor of london has slapped a $200 congestion fine. the fine was established in 2003. the american embassy as racked up $8 million in unpaid congestion fees. but they are refusing to pay up. they are saying the geneva convention prohibits taxes like this. get ready for an american history lesson like you have never had before. warning, political correctness is not on the agenda. that's a good introduction for john stossel. hello, there, john. everything i have been taught to
11:53 am
understand about u.s. history may be wrong? >> the sub title of my book is "everything you know is wrong." but not everything. did they give us tickets because the americans are so filled with pomp that we have more security? i wouldn't be surprised when i look at what goes on in washington and new york. i didn't know how influential sex was, but how unions -- we have a clip. >> what you were not taught about history. i was taught that unions helped the poor. and union leaders tell me that. >> the middle class would not be where it is today without the unions. >> but my guests say that's not true. >> their rise to power came as the expense of disadvantaged groups, particularly
11:54 am
african-americans. >> don't watch stossel. he wants -- but is this new? you should hear what the founders said about each other. >> in thomas jefferson -- >> i was told ronald reagan's military buildup ended the cold war. but the historians say this did more to end the cold war. finally we are all taught politics changed history. but larry flynt and historians say politicians sex lives matter just as much. >> the private lives of presidents and first ladies did shape how things went. a politically incorrect look at history. martha: there is a lot of sex in
11:55 am
this story. we have a sexy stossel coming up. but seriously i want to ask you about this. we just did a segment with allen west. and debbie wasserman shultz. you say john adams was attacked as being blind, bald, tripled and toothless. >> jefferson was son of a half breed indian squaw low life. grover cleveland had a child out of wedlock. when he won they had a slogan, gone to the white house, ha, ha, ha. >> there is a video of bruce springsteen in east berlin saying born in the u.s.a. and all these east germans -- the
11:56 am
hisser to yanss argue just as much as the military buildup was american culture and consumer goods thatter to the wall down. people -- that tore the wall down. they wanted what we have. martha: maybe ronald reagan and margaret thatcher had something to do with it. >> who can measure these things. martha: john stossel, look forward to that. you can catch stossel every night on the fox business network. this heat wave that we have been telling you about is really a huge issue. it's gripping a large part of the country. it's moving across the east coast now. making its feel like triple digit temperatures in many big cities. nearly 3 dozen states are under heat advisories. we have a report and what to expect and what about the grid? how is it going to hold up? that's coming up.
11:57 am
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